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C&I has been active in the Fort Lauderdale community since our inception. In part, a lot of the art we create and the various ways we interact with our peers is intended to enhance that sense of belonging you would only find through community.

This mindset largely inspired the creation of Next Door at C&I.

Next Door — at its very core — is a celebration of the locals, by the locals, for the locals. It is a welcoming place where everyone — regardless of ideals, ambition, or agenda — can gather, converse and immerse.

In a way, Next Door was the answer to a certain pitfall we saw in Fort Lauderdale’s blossoming social scene… realness.

Take Las Olas, for instance. Sure, there are a ton of really fancy bars and restaurants along that one-mile stretch, but many of the new hangouts seem to be lacking an essential element: authenticity. It’s as if these establishments spend more time dressing their plates rather than seasoning their food.

So, we had this idea… A communal place of gathering purposed to bring people together through the power of compelling art… An experience that differs from day to night… An experience that prizes original live music unlike any other bar in Fort Lauderdale… A bar that feels real, because it doesn’t pretend to be something it isn’t… A place where everyone belongs.

And thus, Next Door at C&I was born.

Regardless of the time of day, the space is always teeming with passionate creatives and young professionals eager to make an impression on society; with retired and active Broward County police officers enjoying a coffee break; with strategizing entrepreneurs and go-with-the-flow dreamers; with new parents meeting for baby playdates; with dog walkers and dog owners; Instagram influencers and die-hard gamers; with bookworms and socialites.


Because Next Door has three distinguishing characteristics you won’t find at any other bar in Fort Lauderdale…

  1. The atmosphere changes from day to night.
  2. Every week we host community events centered around local talent.
  3. Every weekend we host the most talented local musicians with a knack for playing original music LIVE.
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Experience Next Door both day and night

During the day, we lend our space to our friends at BREW Urban Cafe. Their alignment with everything Fort Lauderdale is very in sync with our own. They source all of their products from local vendors, like the Las Olas bakery Gran Forno. And also collaborate with us to provide fun experiences, like our new bottomless brunch on Saturdays and Sundays.

If you have never experienced Next Door during the day, last month CNN named BREW one of the best spots in Fort Lauderdale to sip artisan coffees. We also just rolled out a brand new food menu, because, well, breakfast is the most important meal of the day…and bacon is delicious.

Even if you have a more active day planned and aren’t going to take advantage of the free wifi you can still grab a quick bite to eat, take a coffee to go and check out these 6 must-see spots around Fort Lauderdale. Dan Franklin, the owner of BREW, put the list together himself, so you know they’re worth checking out.

One of our favorite times of day is most definitely our shared Happy Hour.

From 4 – 7 PM, the bartenders at Next Door and the baristas at BREW collaborate on some caffeinated mixology to provide drinks you won’t find at any other coffeehouse in Fort Lauderdale.

For instance, a typical morning beverage at BREW is a cold brew with a few shots of espresso added in. During our shared Happy Hour, a typical drink may be a cold brew with a few shots of alcohol added in.

Honestly, it’s a great beverage whether you want to keep the creative juices flowing or kick back and unwind.

Next Door Weekly Programming

During the day productivity may reign supreme… At night, however, when the laptops are put away, the pens laid to rest and the books closed shut till morning, we focus on building new connections with our community.

The way we see it, Next Door was never meant to be a bar where you drink passively. It’s a place where you should feel welcome enough to strike up unexpected conversations, meet new people and entertain new perspectives — to both listen and be heard.

One way we help further this mindset is through various community events that [we hope] appeal to people from all walks of life.

For instance, every Monday we turn to the big screen for movie night to help you guys unwind and drown out the start of a new work week. There’s popcorn, craft beer, smooth wine, and handmade cocktails to help you slide into Tuesday.

Every first Friday of the month we host our First Friday Mini — a rad gaming event, featuring Nintendo classics, oddball throwbacks, specialty drinks, and light bites.

The last Thursday of the month, we hand the mic over to local artists for Respek the Mic! And on the second and fourth Wednesday of the month, we host stand-up comedians [just so long as they leave the “knock-knock” jokes at home].

You see, no matter the week, we wanted to give everyone in Fort Lauderdale a night to make their own. So, if you’re growing bored of your regular routine, or just need a hangout where you can truly be yourself, head Next Door at C&I.


Next Door LIVE

The Next Door philosophy “of the locals, for the locals, by the locals” really shines on Saturdays, when we host South Florida’s most talented musicians for live musical performances [and occasionally a few out-of-towners, too].

A lot of people don’t think of Fort Lauderdale as a playground for really talented musicians, but that is far from the truth. So, Next Door is determined to change that assumption by shining the spotlight on South Florida’s vibrant music scene.

For every artist and band scheduled to perform, the craftsmen at C&I Studios hook them up with original photo and video content. Leading up to the performance our team shares their branded video and photos on our social channels as well as several displace TVs in Next Door. We also give the performers digital copies of their headshots and promos so they can spread the word and increase the hype.

It’s kind of our way of saying “Thanks for sharing your passion with us.”

We have some really exciting performances throughout Spring Break in March and will also have live musical acts during brunch on Saturdays!

Check out the lineup

To give the locals exclusive access to the best parts of Next Door, we’re introducing our first ever VIP loyalty program.

Dozens of VIP keys were awarded to the winners of the Next Door blind taste testing scotch-whiskey challenge during February’s art walk. Now, the only way to gain access to exclusive drink deals and rotating membership bonuses is if a VIP Keyholder vouches for you in-person at the bar Next Door.

Hint*Hint* This is a great time to cozy up with a good friend Next Door at C&I. 😉

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