537 NW 1st Avenue
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

Sunday - Thursday | 5PM - Midnight
Friday & Saturday | 5PM - 2AM

(954) 357-3934

About Us

Next Door is much more than just a bar or a coffee shop. It is your hub to immerse in great music, provoking film, thoughtful art, and good conversation. Every week we switch up the scene with live musical performances, open mic nights, odd-ball movie nights, social networking happy hours, and seasonal programming.

Drink Next Door

If you’re tired of drinking the same boring cocktails at the usual bar with the routine company then you’re in luck. Our mixologists keep a rotating menu of craft beers and artisan cocktails to help you break from the norm.

As for the company, we believe no quiet drinks should be shared here, so go ahead and break the ice. A night out Next Door is all about embracing the chance encounter, the unlikely source of inspiration, and, sometimes, the (liquid) courage to get up on stage and express yourself.

Next Door Artisan Cocktail Menu

Feel The Sound

Music is a thumbprint of all things culture in a city, and we think that’s worth celebrating. Every week, our bar is electrified by the sounds of dedicated musicians telling their story of life in South Florida. From intimate singer-songwriter experiences to energetic multi-piece bands and smooth raps, Next Door has become a refuge for musicians who want to be heard. If you really want to get to know your city, start by embracing the sound.

Savor The Coffee

Sharing a drink is one of the most natural ways that people connect with one another. That’s why we serve the coffees we love every day from sunrise through Happy Hour. Our coffees are curated by Brew Urban Cafe and roasted by our friends down the road at Wells Coffee Company. We partner with them in this project because they do an incredible job of sourcing and roasting some of the best coffees from all over the world. They also share our belief that the best cup of coffee is one shared with good company.

Embrace The Locals

Our community is a big part of how we experience life. We designed Next Door to be a link connecting those committed to sharing their passions with those who will truly appreciate them. From monthly FATVillage Artwalk installations by C&I Studios to seasonal events like BEYOND by C&I Reach, there is always something incredible to immerse in Next Door.

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